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Cars That Will Save You Money When You Lease

Some cars are better values than others when you choose to lease. One of the biggest factors in the total cost of the lease is the vehicle’s residual value. The best cars and trucks to lease have high residual values compared to their original sticker prices.

The residual value is the industry’s best guess of what the car will be worth at the end of the lease.

Lessees pay the difference between the negotiated price of the vehicle (its capitalized cost) and the residual value, plus interest and fees. While you can – and should – negotiate the price of the car, the residual value is set by companies such as ALG. Each year ALG recognizes the brands and models that maintain the highest percentage of their MSRPs, compared to their class peers, with their residual value awards. ALG’s parent company TrueCar is a U.S. News Best Cars partner through our Best Price Program.

"In today's ultra-competitive automotive landscape, it's no longer enough just to have high quality vehicles with leading technology and cutting-edge design. These items are effectively cost of entry for any successful product" says Eric Lyman, Senior Vice President of ALG. “What makes RVA winners stand out are two key differentiators: disciplined sales strategies that align vehicle production with consumer demand and clear and consistent brand strategy that creates an enthusiastic customer base.”

This year’s top brands and models are shown on the following pages. Note that our scores can change based on new or updated information, so the scores shown may differ slightly from the scores you see on the individual review pages.

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