10 Cars With the Best Gas Mileage in 2020

2020 Honda Insight
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These Fuel-Sippers Will Save You Money

We’ve been lucky to enjoy relatively low gas prices over the past five years. Still, filling up your fuel tank is a major expense – especially if you drive long distances on a regular basis or deal with a time-consuming urban commute.

It’s important to keep in mind that gas prices could easily rise rapidly and unexpectedly at any time, based on a multitude of factors. For these reasons, buying or leasing a vehicle with good fuel economy is a wise choice.

Our list of cars with the best gas mileage consists of, not surprisingly, only hybrid vehicles. Thankfully, today’s hybrids are not all small, polarizing underperformers. Instead, many are stylish and reasonably roomy cars that offer respectable, if not impressive, performance.

We based our list on 2020 combined city/highway fuel economy estimates provided by the EPA. We did not include any fully electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, though a few automakers offer these cars in plug-in hybrid and all-electric configurations, so we’ve noted that where necessary. Any ties in fuel economy will be broken by each vehicles’ MSRP, with the lower-priced car taking the higher rank.

Keep in mind that we update our scores and rankings on a continuous basis as new data and expert research become available. For this reason, the scores in this article may not match up with the scores in our individual reviews and rankings.

Continue reading to learn about the most fuel-efficient cars on the market today.

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