13 Car Leasing Mistakes That Cost You

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Save Money by Avoiding These Car Leasing Errors

Leasing is a popular way to get a new car with a monthly price tag that’s typically far less than if you chose to purchase the same vehicle. That’s because you’re only paying for the expected depreciation, plus interest and fees, rather than the full purchase price. 

About three in ten cars leaving dealer lots today are leased, rather than purchased. Shoppers looking for the latest safety and infotainment systems, or vehicles with sophisticated alternative fuel drivetrains, may want to consider leasing. Though the long-term costs of leasing repeatedly can be higher than buying a car and keeping it for a long time, leasing can be a good deal in the short term. 

Though leasing is simple in concept, it can be complicated for first-time lease customers. Knowing the mistakes to watch out for can save you from making costly errors. We'll look at 12 of those mistakes – and how to avoid them – on the following pages.

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