Top 10 Least Expensive Vehicles to Insure

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Cars to Buy If You Want the Cheapest Insurance 

Insurance premiums can be a significant factor in determining the cost of ownership of your car. Beyond car payments, for most buyers it’s important to choose a model with the lowest insurance rates possible, because insurance will be an ongoing cost even after you’ve paid off any car loan.

The biggest factor in determining which cars have higher insurance rates is the cost of collision repairs, says Russ Rader, a spokesman for the Insurance Highway Loss Data Institute, an insurance industry consortium which tracks losses reported by insurers. Other factors include damage a car may do to other vehicles and their passengers, and how likely a car is to be stolen or stripped. Insurance rates are also affected by the driving tendencies of the types of buyers most likely to drive certain types of cars. Sports car drivers are more likely to have higher rates than mom’s who drive minivans, for example.

To get this year’s list, we turned to, which aggregated data in all 50 states from six major insurance companies on 2,300 different models.

A few new trends have emerged. Midsize sedans once dominated the list of the cheapest cars to insure and small SUVs filled up the worst. Now, the list of the cheapest-cars to insure is filled with small SUVs after the advent of electronic stability control tamed their tendency to roll over. The list even includes four Jeeps.

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