Muscle Madness: Ford Mustang vs. Dodge Challenger vs. Chevrolet Camaro in 2019

Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, Chevrolet Camaro
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Three Legendary American Muscle Cars Duke it Out

No doubt about it: Cars have improved drastically by almost every measure over the past few decades. High marks for safety, fuel economy, and reliability are all musts. These standards also apply to those asphalt-kickers we call muscle cars.

Since the mid-20th century, three muscle cars in-particular have reigned supreme: The Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, and Chevrolet Camaro. While many contenders have given these titans some serious competition, they remain some of the most popular sports cars on the road. The big question: Of these automotive alpha dogs, who brings home the bone?

In this comparison, we’re seeking out the best of the big three American muscle cars.  Categories like performance, ride and handling, interior features, and safety will be considered, as well as U.S. News scores and data.

Bear in mind that U.S. News scores are prone to change as new information is received, so scores used in this article may not match what you see on the website. Each car’s ranking can also shift, depending on updated information for each model.

Now, buckle up and click through to find out which muscle car will be be taking a victory lap.

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