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2014 Cadillac XTS Performance Review

Note: This performance review was created when the 2014 Cadillac XTS was new.


Performance: 7.5

Critics write that the 2014 Cadillac XTS balances a smooth ride and fairly composed handling. They think the base engine delivers adequate power, but most say the Vsport’s twin-turbo V6 is much more impressive.

  • "Cadillac's typical buyers should beware: the Vsport has an energy they haven't seen in larger Caddys in generations. More power to them, and to Cadillac." -- Automobile Magazine
  • "The entire XTS experience is far more concerned with plush comfort than handling prowess, and while this Vsport model certainly ups the ante with more power and some mild suspension and steering tweaks, it's not exactly what we'd call a particularly engaging experience. But that doesn't mean it isn't good." -- Autoblog
  • "Sure, you can stick with the base V6 and still enjoy a great all-around luxury experience. But if you're with us in believing that a proper Caddy should haul the mail, the new XTS turbo, or Vsport, as Cadillac calls it, is just what the doctor ordered." -- Edmunds
  • "With two turbos and a retuned suspension, the XTS Vsport is the car the XTS should have been from the start. The standard XTS is, as one might assume from its size, a bit slow. It's not terrible, but it's not terribly quick, either." -- Motor Trend

Acceleration and Power

The 2014 Cadillac XTS comes standard with a 305-horsepower, 3.6-liter V6 engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. Vsport trims have a 410-horsepower, twin-turbocharged 3.6-liter V6. The base XTS gets an EPA-estimated 18/28 mpg city/highway, which is subpar for the class. Six-cylinder rivals like the Lexus GS 350 and Mercedes-Benz E350 get better gas mileage.

Reviewers think the base V6 provides decent power, and they write that the XTS accelerates adequately. However, many prefer the more powerful XTS Vsport, which offers ample power for highway passing and merging.

  • "The 3.6-liter V6 may not win any drag races, but it plays well with the 6-speed transmission, offering decent acceleration and responsiveness." -- AutoTrader
  • "On that front, the standard engine is a 305-horsepower V6 with adequate but not exceptional performance." -- Kelley Blue Book
  • "This 2014 Cadillac XTS Vsport has guts. You and your passengers can feel it the moment you hit the gas and the twin-turbo V-6 unleashes its 410 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque." -- Automobile Magazine
  • "With 369 lb-ft of torque from 1900 rpm, the turbocharged XTS makes overtaking other cars a breeze and possesses the sometimes-scary ability to hit triple-digit speeds unintentionally." -- Car and Driver

Handling and Braking

The 2014 Cadillac XTS comes standard with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive is optional. Most test drivers agree that the XTS has a smooth ride, strong brakes and controlled handling. Still, some critics say that the XTS Vsport is prone to body roll and a floaty ride when the road gets twisty.  

  • "The same adaptive suspension that keeps the body composed in corners provides a firm yet buttery-smooth ride on most surfaces. It's far from the floaty Cadillac land yachts of yore, but when you're rolling down the highway in an XTS, there's no doubt you're in the lap of luxury." -- Edmunds
  • "The Cadillac XTS offers a commendable balance between comfort and handling." -- Kelley Blue Book
  • "And while I think the XTS Vsport is generally a very nice luxury sedan, a sports car it absolutely is not. Even with the supposedly reworked suspension geometry, the car still floats around and rolls in corners, and the very much front-biased all-wheel-drive system still allows the front tires - Bridgestone Potenza P245/40R20s, for what it's worth - to wash out in enthusiastic cornering." -- Autoblog
  • "Strong front brakes provided by Brembo are good enough for V-series Cadillacs." -- Car and Driver (2013)

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