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2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid Interior Review

Note: This interior review was created when the 2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid was new.


Interior: 7.4

The conventional Escalade is known for its roomy and luxurious interior, and the Escalade Hybrid continues that trend. The interior is packed with luxury finishes and high-tech gear. There are two main differences between the regular and hybrid Escalade's interiors: Because of its battery pack, the hybrid cannot be equipped with second-row captain's chairs, and the hybrid includes a digital readout to help drivers track how efficient their driving is. Overall, reviewers are pleased with the passenger cabin.

  • "Impressive assembly quality, and mostly top-notch materials, though a few plastic pieces disappoint at these prices." -- Consumer Guide
  • "The interior uses a small herd of cattle just to wrap the three rows of seats, doors and center console in beautiful leather. It smells delicious every time you enter the SUV." -- Detroit News
  • "The Escalade Hybrid's cabin offers the same brand of unbridled luxury seen in gas-only models." -- Edmunds
  • "We had the opportunity to take the 2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid on a road trip and were treated to its luxuries from the get-go." -- CNET
  • "The hybrid Escalade is certainly luxurious." -- Kansas City Star
  • "Both inside and outside the vehicle, the hybrid version is almost identical to the luxurious regular Escalade (interior pictured above) with leather covering the seats, door trim and center console (so while you might get a hesitant nod from the people at the Sierra Club, the folks at PETA will still hate you)." -- Autobytel
  • "Otherwise the Escalade Hybrid is part of the General Motors renaissance and if the Escalade's interior is any measure, good things are happening. The quality of the interior matches or exceeds anything in its price class. Front-row seats are thrones, soft touch surfaces abound even in places not usually touched." -- Dallas Examiner


The Cadillac Escalade hybrid can seat up to eight people in three rows. While the first two rows get high marks for comfort and amenities -- including heated and cooled seats -- the third row fares poorly with reviewers, who say it is too low to the floor to be comfortable for adults on long trips.

  • "I felt like king of the road from the throne-like driver's seat." -- NADA Guides
  • "The front seats are especially noteworthy because they offer excellent support without feeling confining."-- Kansas City Star
  • "Escalades have big-rig space on wide, comfortable seats, though the tallest drivers may want more headroom and legroom." -- Consumer Guide
  • "The second-row seat is a bench under which the battery pack is stowed-so captain's chairs and the one-touch power flip 'n fold seat are not available. For unknown technical reasons, engineers say they could not offer a heated steering wheel." -- Car and Driver
  • "Interior volumes don't seem match the exterior dimensions, however. Although the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid has three rows of seats, the last row is low to the floor."-- Dallas Examiner
  • "For that matter, all of the regular model's shortcomings carry over to this one. Most notably, the third-row seats are sort of low to the ground and best suited for smaller people, at least for long drives. "-- Cars.com

Interior Features

The Cadillac Escalade Hybrid's interior features leave little to be desired. Reviewers are pleased with the materials and construction of the interior. They are also happy with the Escalade Hybrid's top-notch stereo, DVD entertainment system, DVD-based navigation screen (which includes XM NavTraffic) and energy flow display.

  • "The instrument panel has elegant gauges, few seams and surface textures that are rich and inviting. The layout and design of the radio and climate controls is simple and clean. Large knobs have a quality feel." -- Kansas City Star
  • "The Hybrid's navigation screen features a helpful energy flow display that indicates the status of the vehicle's gas/electric system. Likewise, a gauge in the upper left corner of the instrument panel indicates the most efficient braking range to capture regenerative braking energy, which recharges the battery." -- Consumer Guide
  • "The dashboard of the 2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid is familiar territory with GM's standard navigation and audio system controlled by a touch-screen LCD. The interface is well-thought-out, using tabs across the top to make selections for things such as audio sources. The tabs also let you choose to display a full-screen map or a split between the map and current audio source." -- CNET
  • "There's a wide breadth of technology at your finger tips. New for 2009 is a blind-spot detection system and XM radio with NavTraffic, a system that provides live updates for traffic problems. The navigation screen includes one of those hybrid learning screens, so you can see where the power is coming from and how effective your driving skills are." -- Detroit News
  • "Much more annoying than the electric-motor whir is the whoosh and swirl of the standard GPS navigation system's DVD drive, something I noticed in the regular Escalade as well. It's rather noisy when it accesses the map disc, which is especially noticeable when you first start the car and it's booting up." -- Cars.com


The 2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid has decent cargo space, but reviewers are disappointed that the third-row seat doesn't fold flat into the floor. Instead, the bulky seats must be removed from the car. However, the power rear liftgate is popular with reviewers.

  • "The power lift gate blinked the taillights in warning as it opened access to the cargo bay, and the running boards folded down automatically, making it easy to step into the truck. The third row seats weren't quite as kind, requiring some muscle to get them out of the way." -- CNET
  • "As we hit the road, we packed our suitcases into the rear cargo area, which was made very easy, thanks to the automatic liftgate, which opens and closes at the push of a button on either the tailgate itself or the remote key fob." -- NADA Guides
  • "A power-assisted rear liftgate that opens and closes with the touch of a button like a mechanical monster waiting to consume your Whole Foods grocery bags. And with 108.9 cubic feet of cargo space, that's a lot of grocery bags." -- Autobytel

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