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Basically, any Cadillac built since 2010 is eligible to be certified as a pre-owned vehicle, even if it isn’t being manufactured anymore. So if you’ve always wanted a Cadillac Escalade EXT, the transforming SUV-pickup, it is possible to find one that has been certified by the Cadillac dealership, as long as it’s a 2010 or newer model. But the Cadillac XLR, which was only built in 2008 and 2009, is not eligible.

Inspection Process

All Cadillac certified pre-owned vehicles are chosen by franchised Cadillac dealerships for the program. The dealers select the vehicles to participate in the program based on the history of each vehicle, which usually involves a verified history of service with factory dealers. By the same token, every certified Cadillac can be serviced at any Cadillac dealership in the United States.

The inspection covers 172 points and includes everything you would assume it should: an under-hood inspection, an under-vehicle inspection, an interior and exterior inspection, and a road test. And the dealership will perform all scheduled maintenance before offering the vehicle for sale.

If any safety recalls were issued for a particular model, all repairs and replacements regarding that recall must be performed before the vehicle can be sold as a certified pre-owned Cadillac.


Cadillac Escalade

A certified pre-owned Cadillac comes with a six-year/100,000-mile limited warranty. If the vehicle is new enough that the original warranty is still in effect, that will transfer to the new owner as well. The original “Bumper-to-Bumper” warranty covers four years or 50,000 miles for the powertrain, emissions, and corrosion.

If some of the original warranty is left, the certified warranty will begin on the date that the original warranty expires.


In addition to a thorough inspection and a lengthy warranty, there are a few extra perks that come with a certified pre-owned Cadillac, like 24-hour roadside assistance. As long as the warranty is in effect, the owner is also entitled to a loaner vehicle while any warranty repairs are being performed.

If your Cadillac has OnStar equipment (and it probably will), you’ll receive a three-month OnStar trial that includes Automatic Crash Response, Vehicle Diagnostics, Turn-by-Turn Directions, and the Remote Link OnStar app.

And if your Cadillac has satellite radio capability, you’ll get a three-month trial for that service too.

How Does It Compare to Rivals?

Cadillac ATS-V

Other luxury brands also offer certified pre-owned vehicles, though their programs differ. The certified warranties from Audi and BMW, for example, only extend two years after the expiration of the original warranty. Also, some companies have a warranty deductible (Audi’s is $85), which Cadillac does not have.

The Cadillac program does reach back further than most programs, which only certify models built within five or six model years. But its roadside assistance and inspection process are similar to many of its competitors', including those of Lincoln and Jaguar. Offering a satellite radio trial is an unusual perk though; only Volvo shares that feature with Cadillac.

How to Buy a Cadillac CPO Vehicle

Nearly any franchised Cadillac dealership will have an inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles available. Make it easy on yourself and cut your research time by searching U.S. News' certified pre-owned car listings to find results for Cadillacs at dealerships in your area.