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Making More Customers Say: Is That a Buick?

Over the past few years, Buick has been trying to reshape what people think of them. No longer should you associate the brand with senior citizens, they say, but instead with interior comfort and quality.

Buick's vice president of marketing Tony DiSalle says the brand is making moves to improve their lineup's performance as well. While you can still count on a comfortable interior and a smooth ride, you can have a bit of fun too.

Buick is fully aware of their reputation for making your grandma's car. In fact, they're capitalizing on it. They are running an ad campaign poking fun at themselves, with people coming across a good-looking, modern Buick product and asking "Is that a Buick?"

DiSalle says, "We've seen our net momentum grow dramatically over the last three years of this ad campaign that uses self-deprecating humor and [is] very honest in terms of the impression we know you had. And now we're going to educate you on what Buick is today and what it means today."

So, with a combination of cabin comfort and respectable performance, is a new Buick the right car for you, even if you've got years to go until you reach retirement age? Click through to find out. 

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