BMW vs. Mercedes: Battle of the Brands in 2017

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Which German Luxury Brand Is Best for You in 2017?

They are the two juggernauts of luxury: BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Both automakers are steeped in history and come at luxury from a different approach. BMW has been self-described as the “Ultimate Driving Machine,” while Mercedes has long been synonymous with the ultimate in comfort.

In truth, these two brands have been moving from their time-honored roles in the luxury market, inching toward one another. For example, BMW has adopted electronic steering to become more comfortable, while Mercedes-Benz has started to more actively pursue performance. This is evidenced by the growth in the number of Mercedes-AMG cars, including the red-hot AMG GT coupe and convertible.

But which brand is best for you? We break down the safety, reliability, and performance of the entire lineup, and we compare cars head-to-head. Read on to learn where each brand excels, and which luxury car might be right for you.

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