2020 Audi S4 vs. 2020 BMW M3: Head to Head

2020 Audi S4 front 3/4 view (Top) / 2020 BMW M340i front 3/4 view (Bottom)
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S4 vs M3: Which Luxury Sports Sedan Is Right for You?

If you’re in the market for a luxury small car with more than a hint of performance, It’s hard to go wrong with either the Audi S4 or BMW M3. Both offer sparkling performance, luxurious and well-finished interiors, and a hefty helping of driver-assistance and convenience technologies. 

That’s not to say they’re identical by any means. There are key differences that could tip the scales one way or the other based on your needs and preferences. 

On the following slides, we’ll take you through which vehicle comes out on top in each of several important categories to help you pick the best car for you. At the end, we’ll declare an overall winner in this hotly contested matchup. 

Just remember that our scores and rankings are constantly evolving as new data becomes available. Compare what you see here to our overall rankings for the very latest data. 

Read on to learn which of these iconic sports sedans takes home the win.

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