2019 BMW i8: What You Need to Know

BMW i8
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Exterior Design and Specifications

The i8’s exterior design cues remain relatively consistent with the outgoing model, aside from a revised air vent in the hood and the fact that you can now opt for a soft top. There’s also badging that’s specific to the Roadster and the Coupe to differentiate between the two.

The Roadster comes with a fabric roof that can open in 16 seconds at speeds up to 31 mph. BMW says the soft top contains soundproofing material. It fits perpendicularly in the rear of the car to free up cargo space behind the front seats. When you open the top, the B-pillars remain upright, but the rear window automatically raises 1.9 inches to direct airflow; you can manually raise or lower it with the touch of a button.

To reduce weight and strengthen the Roadster’s structural integrity, BMW added multiple carbon fiber elements to the passenger cell, butterfly doors, and side skirts. Aluminum 3D printing technology was utilized to manufacture new parts for the Roadster’s roof. All-in-all, the convertible weighs in at 3,513 pounds, which is 132 pounds heavier than the 2019 i8 Coupe.

BMW will also offer newly available 20-inch wheels and two new paint colors: E-Copper metallic and Donington Gray metallic with Frozen Gray metallic accents.

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