May's Best Used Car Deals

2013 VW Beetle
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These Are May’s Best Used Car Deals

If you’re looking for a used car this spring, a certified pre-owned, or CPO, car might be the way to go. CPO vehicles straddle the line between new and used, offering some of the best benefits of both.

A typical CPO candidate is late-model, low-mileage, and in good condition  usually a trade-in or lease return. These vehicles go through the manufacturer’s detailed checklist of mechanical, quality, and aesthetic concerns. Then, they’re fully reconditioned and sold.

Though CPO programs vary by manufacturer, the certification generally entitles the buyer to the remainder of the original manufacturer’s warranty, plus additional coverage. This extra peace of mind may be well worth the cost premium over a regular used vehicle. Many manufacturers also offer special financing deals to help draw buyers’ attention to CPO programs, so even if the car itself costs a little more up front, a good financing deal can help bring down its total cost over time.

This month’s best CPO financing deals fall into the 1.49 percent to 1.99 percent range and include offers from Subaru, Volkswagen, GMC, and Chevrolet. MINI isn’t offering special financing this month, but qualified buyers can get a $500 cash incentive. Truck buyers, in particular, should take a look at Ford’s 2.9 percent offer, although the deal is good for the brand’s whole CPO range. Potential buyers should always compare pricing on late-model CPO cars to new models; if a brand’s new model is offered with zero percent financing, it might actually be a better deal.

After you’ve found an appealing deal, take a look at our used car rankings to learn more about the vehicle you’re interested in and see how it stacks up against the competition. Then, take a look at our used car listings to see what’s available near you and ensure these special CPO financing offers are available in your region.