9 Best Trucks for Towing

2017 Chevy Silverado
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Which Truck Meets Your Towing Needs?    

If you need to tow a camper, a large RV, some jet skis, or a large boat, it is important to search for a vehicle with towing capacity that will meet your needs. Pickup trucks offer the highest towing capacity, and depending on which the configuration you choose, you can still have adequate seating.

The pickup trucks of today boast upscale interiors, and many offer all the modern features of a nice sedan. Some even include unique conveniences like in-bed storage compartments (trunks), external sound systems, and built-in coolers.

When shopping for the best towing option for you, it is important to be sure that the vehicle is properly equipped for towing, and that you are buying the correct powertrain configuration to handle your towing requirements. Be sure that the towing capacity exceeds the weight of the heaviest load you will tow. When crunching the numbers, don’t forget to include the weight of your trailer.

Read on to find a truck with the best towing capacity for you.