Best Trucks for the Money in 2020

2020 Ford F-150
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Pay Less for Big Payloads

Simply put, pickup trucks dominate the North American car market. Several full-size trucks, in particular, have been the top-selling individual vehicles for years – far surpassing even the most popular SUVs and crossovers. In 2020 in the U.S., total truck sales even managed to outpace total sedan sales for the first time ever. Over time, thanks to strong demand, trucks have evolved into vehicles with many faces for many different drivers. In fact, there are often so many trims and body style combinations that it can seem hard to count.

Towing and hauling abilities alone don’t cut it these days, since trucks are expected to deliver daily luxury and even high performance as well. With ballooning capabilities come inflating prices, so it’s important that buyers be able to identify the best trucks for the money. Finding a truck for the right price is especially important now during uncertain economic times related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve taken a look at both our full-size and compact truck rankings, and focused on qualities and value to figure out which trucks are the best for the money. To measure value, we combined MSRP figures and the estimated cost of ownership over a period of five years (with data from Vincentric), which is composed of factors like repair and maintenance costs. We use the MSRP for entry-level trims equipped with a crew cab and standard bed. Combined with our U.S. News rankings data using our Best Cars for the Money methodology, we’re able to get an idea of which pickup trucks stand out. 

We regularly update our rankings with the latest data, so scores that you see here may differ slightly from what you see on each vehicle’s review page. Additionally, note that some names you may expect are not ranked here, simply because certain necessary data points were unavailable at the time of writing.

Read on to learn more about the best trucks for the money in 2020.

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