The 12 Best July Truck Deals

Toyota Tundra
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Check Out July’s Best Truck Deals

It’s a good time to be truck shopping, with a bunch of recently redesigned, newly updated, and brand new models on the market. Not only do pickup shoppers have plenty of options, the stiff competition means there’s a lot of deals available right now. And, as anyone who has shopped for a truck knows, that isn’t always the case.

Each deal featured here will give you a quick overview of the offer and key details about each model, to help you narrow down your options. These manufacturer-backed financing offers and purchase deals change every month, but the rules tend to stay the same. That means these offers may vary by region, and while we look for deals that are available across most of the country, it’s possible that not every deal is being offered where you live. Because of that you’ll need to check with your local dealership to confirm that you’re eligible. Next, manufacturer-sponsored finance deals are subject to approval based on the customer’s credit history and score. Again, your favorite local dealership can help you out here. 

Now, it’s time to check out July’s best truck deals.

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