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These Are the Best Truck Brands According to U.S. News Scores

It’s no industry secret that pickup trucks have been the best-selling vehicles in America for a long time. They’re also huge cash cows for their manufacturers, with fat profit margins and even meatier dividends on upper, luxury-positioned trims. 

Full-size trucks are the current kings of the hill, and that doesn’t look to change anytime soon. These vehicles can easily tow in excess of 10,000 pounds, but they have the passenger space, modern features, and comfortable cabins to make them equally capable to serve as family vehicles. Compact pickup trucks have a lot of appeal for lighter-duty work or everyday commuting. 

You’ve probably seen television commercials with phrases like “Heavy Duty,” “Reliable,” or “Best in Class,” paired with images of hard-working construction sites or families out for a day of fun. It can be hard to know where the marketing gimmicks end and the truth begins when determining which trucks are truly the best.

Currently, there are 13 mainstream consumer truck models for sale across seven distinct marques. In this slideshow, we combine the U.S. News overall scores of each model with their other brand stablemates to come up with an average score for the badge. Our underlying methodology incorporates the consensus opinion of the automotive press, safety and reliability data, and performance specs such as towing, hauling, and fuel economy.

Our scores and rankings change regularly as we receive and analyze new data, so what you see on this slideshow may not match our current reviews or class rankings. Read on to find out which brands make the best trucks, and which vehicle fits your specific wants, needs, and desires.

Also, please note that this is strictly about which brands make the best trucks – this article doesn’t cover cars, SUVs, or luxury vehicles, which are ranked separately. If you’d like to learn more about those vehicle segments, check out our articles on the Best SUV Brands, Best Car Brands, and Best Luxury Brands.

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