8 Best Times to Sell Your Car

Toyota Camry
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1) Look at the Season

Experts say the best time to sell your used car is during the spring and summer. When the sun comes out, so do car buyers and sellers. You'll want to avoid the winter holidays, as family budgets turn toward gift-giving, and the gray weather keeps customers at home.

Potential sellers also need to look at the type of car they are selling. It’s tough to sell a convertible in Minneapolis in January, just as selling a four-wheel-drive SUV in Florida is a tough sell in the summer.

The flip side to this theory has to do with supply and demand. If everyone starts trying to sell their used cars in March, the market gets flooded and prices drop. If you look at the used car sales sites online and see, for example, dozens of Toyota Camrys available in your market, it might be a good idea to wait a few weeks until the herd has thinned a bit.

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