Best SUV Lease Deals Under $300 in March 2020

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Affordable Deals on Great SUVs

With the average new-vehicle transaction price now at nearly $38,000, it’s no wonder that about a third of all new-vehicle shoppers are leasing new vehicles, particularly popular sport-utility vehicles, as a way to keep down payments and monthly expenditures low. 

To help budget-minded SUV shoppers, we’ve scoured both national and regional lease offers available this month to come up with a list of the dozen hottest SUV deals going for under $300, and in many cases less than $200 a month. Our list cuts a broad swath, featuring subcompact, compact, and even midsize models, and we’re including details and pertinent information for each of them. Since low payments do not necessarily make a deal great if they’re for a sub-par model, U.S. News ranks all of the SUVs cited here highly in their respective size segments.

Note that advertised lease offers usually vary somewhat from one part of the country to another to address local supply and demand issues. We’ve detailed in which parts of the nation these featured details are valid. Check with local dealers or an automaker’s website with your zip code entered to find out what’s being offered locally. 

Also be aware that car leases come with strict mileage limits, which can be as few as 10,000 per year depending on the deal. It pays to err on the side of caution if you tend to rack up the miles, since you’ll face end-of-lease penalties that could run as high as $0.30 per mile if you exceed the limit. And keep in mind that the best lease deals are usually reserved for those having top-tier credit ratings. 

Read on to see the best SUV lease deals under $300 per month this March.

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