Best SUV Lease Deals Under $300 in October 2020

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Great Deals on Popular SUVs

Sport-utility vehicles continue to dominate new-vehicle sales for their added versatility, a rugged image, and (with most) available all-wheel drive for greater stability in foul weather. Despite the demand, you can still find several of the best SUVs in the business leasing with payments under $300 a month – in some cases half as much – with nominal cash due at signing. Our list this month consists of outgoing 2020 SUVs as well as some factory-fresh 2021 models.

There is, of course, a catch. The sweetest advertised lease deals are reserved for those having excellent credit. If your history is pockmarked with late payments and/or defaults, you’ll be asked to pay more to cover what’s perceived to be additional risk, if you can qualify at all. What’s more, vehicle leases are subject to strict limits on the number of miles a vehicle can be driven; you’ll be charged a per-mile penalty if you return it with more than the specified number of miles on the odometer.

Be aware that subsidized lease deals, as with other automaker’s incentives, tend to vary from one part of the nation to another, usually to address local supply and demand issues. We’ll identify where each featured deal applies and note alternatives for other areas. Always check with local dealerships or automakers’ websites with your zip code entered to find out what’s being offered where you live.

One more thing: U.S. News vehicle information is updated constantly as is warranted, which is especially noteworthy as new-model-year data becomes available, so be aware that the information mentioned in this article may not match those in our rankings and reviews.

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