10 Best Memorial Day SUV Lease Deals in 2018

Ford Expedition
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Check Out These Great Lease Deals on SUVs for Memorial Day Weekend

While Memorial Day doesn’t mark the official beginning of summer, it may as well. The holiday to pay homage to our fallen heroes usually results in trips to parades, backyard barbecues, and tons of outdoor fun. It also means you may have some extra time off work to visit your local dealership and take advantage of fantastic lease pricing on a new SUV.

Finding a top-notch SUV isn’t difficult since there are so many excellent choices for SUV shoppers. However, tracking down the best deal requires some work. We’ve compiled this list of superb lease deals on highly rated SUVs to make your job easier. No matter which size or type of SUV you’re looking for, the following slideshow should have you covered.

How about the subcompact Mazda CX-3 or Hyundai Kona for only $199 per month? If you hoped to spend even less, the award-winning Honda HR-V is leasing for $189, and the coveted Ford Edge is available with a low monthly payment of $179. If you’re in the market for something larger, you can lease a Volkswagen Atlas for $309 per month or a Ford Expedition for $499.

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Continue reading to see the best SUV leases for Memorial Day. Remember that some offers vary geographically. Visit your local dealer with this information to bargain for the best deal. These offers expire on May 31 unless otherwise specified.

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