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2017 Volkswagen Golf
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2017 Volkswagen Golf

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The Volkswagen Golf is among the more versatile hatchbacks on the market. Its nearly 53 cubic feet of available cargo space is more than almost every other car in its class – and even more than some SUVs. This is one of the reasons the Golf was a 2017 Best Compact Car for Families finalist. The Golf has long been the gold-standard for hatchbacks that few automakers can match – much less surpass.

However, plenty of automakers have surpassed the Golf in sales. Right now, sales of the Golf sit in the middle of the compact car class. The sales-leading Toyota Corolla is outselling the Golf more than 4-to-1. This means you can likely negotiate a better-than-average price at the dealership. Additionally, a significantly refreshed 2018 Golf is due soon, meaning dealers are eager to clear out old inventory to make space.

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