14 Best Rear-Wheel-Drive Cars for 2019

2019 BMW 2 Series
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These Highly Rated Cars Provide Sought-After Driving Dynamics

Rear-wheel-drive cars deliver a markedly different driving experience than those with front-wheel drive. Years ago, automakers only produced cars with rear-wheel drive because the technology is simpler and cheaper. Today, front-wheel drive has become much more common, and the list of vehicles with available all-wheel drive is growing. Still, most sports cars and several luxury cars come with rear-wheel drive as standard.

What are the advantages of rear-wheel drive? It’s less complicated than front-wheel drive, more durable, and less expensive to repair. While there are exceptions, having the power at the rear of the car allows for better balance, which leads to improved handling, acceleration, and braking, except on slick surfaces. This is precisely why almost all race cars feature rear-wheel drive. When you accelerate from a stop, the vehicle’s weight transfers to the back of the car and provides the rear wheels increased traction.

Since the rear wheels are responsible for moving the vehicle and the front wheels handle the steering, rear-wheel drive tends to improve cornering performance by putting less strain on front-wheel traction. Rear-wheel-drive cars are also good for towing, since the wheels providing the power are closer to the trailer. In addition, rear-wheel-drive vehicles can offer a larger steering radius, because there are less moving parts up front.

We’ve picked vehicles from a number of different classes and price points that earn high U.S. News overall scores. Continue reading to learn about the best rear-wheel-drive cars available today.

(Keep in mind that scores on our site change on a regular basis due to updated data and expert research. This means that the scores in this article may not match up with those in our rankings.)

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