16 Best Rear-Wheel-Drive Cars for 2020

2020 Lexus LC front 3/4 close up view
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Rear-Wheel Drive Is Awesome

That’s right, rear-wheel drive is awesome. And in a world where front-wheel drive rules for cost savings and efficiency, while all-wheel drive is sought after for the rare times people actually need it, rear-wheel drive is gradually getting harder to find. If you know where to look, though – among some sports cars and luxury cars – you can still find it. And you don’t even need to know where to look, because we did it for you.

The driving dynamics of a rear-wheel-drive car demand your attention and active participation in the process. Because of the shift in weight dynamics and the relative simplicity of a rear-wheel-drive system, a car with RWD will typically have better acceleration and handling than a comparable car with front-driven wheels. 

The following vehicles all feature standard rear-wheel drive and high U.S. News overall scores, based on our system that considers comfort, performance, quality, safety, and reliability. As you read, keep in mind that the scores in our reviews may not match the scores quoted here, since our reviews are updated whenever new information becomes available.

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