Best Presidents Day Lease Deals Under $200

Toyota Camry
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Historically Cheap Deals

Presidents Day auto sales are nothing new. The first of these promotional efforts took place more than a century ago. Since then, they have become a regular part of late-winter marketing plans for the auto industry.

Automakers are playing a major role in this year’s Presidents Day sales promotions. Among their tools are cash incentives, subsidized financing, and, the subject of this slideshow: some very attractive lease offers that cap the monthly payment at under $200.

Don’t think that only economy cars are included in this compilation. The following slides highlight deals for midsize family sedans, the nation’s top-selling passenger car, and a couple of sport utility vehicles. Two of the vehicles even managed a first-place finish in the U.S. News rankings of the vehicles in their respective classes.

As you look at these deals, remember that there can be regional differences, so the lease deal on one of the following slides might not be available in your area. Some deals also require dealer participation, so if a local dealer chooses not to take part in the program that will affect the offer you receive, as will your credit rating.

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