The Best Off-Road SUVs of 2019

2019 Land Rover Velar
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No Room for Pretenders Here

Look around on the road today, the SUVs reign supreme. But how are these modern crossovers so efficient, safe, and easy to drive? For one thing, much of the rugged capability has been taken out of the equation. These modern vehicles are composed and have spacious cabins because they share more with a sedan or minivan than they do a tried-and-true 4x4.

But there are still vehicles out there that offer true four-wheel-drive, low-range, locking differentials, all-terrain tires, and all the good bits that make a vehicle capable of tackling tough terrain. These are all the same features you can find in many pickup trucks or SUVs like a Jeep Wrangler, but there are also more advanced SUVs out there. Vehicles like the Land Rover Range Rover use more sophisticated terrain management systems and adaptive air suspensions to get over obstacles.

Whatever your passion or hobby, there is an SUV up to the task, and for those looking to get farther off the beaten path, the SUVs in the following slides will get the job done. They don’t always have the best fuel economy, and their rugged chassis means they don’t always deliver the best on-road ride, but if you plan on going off-road, there’s no substitute for true capability.

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