9 Best February Minivan Deals

2019 Toyota Sienna
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Check Out These Great Minivan Financing and Lease Deals

When it comes to family vehicles, the minivan is king. Sure, 3-row SUVs are popular at the moment, but when your main priority is bringing a lot of kids and their gear around town or across country, only a minivan will do.

Minivans all have three rows of seating, some providing either removable benches or seats that completely fold away into the floor. Automakers are getting very clever when it comes to parent-friendly features, such as built-in vacuums, wide-angle mirrors to keep an eye on the back seats, and driver PA systems that let parents talk to little ones in the back without straining their voices. And there are plenty of great deals on this newest crop of minivans on the following slides.

Note that all of these offers come with an expiration date, and some (but not all) are typically specific to one kind of configuration of the vehicle. Call ahead to the dealer to ensure it has the vehicle in stock and will honor the offer. Also, consider how much you drive, since the lease offers on this list come with mileage limitations. Lessees that drive over the limit will incur a small fee for every additional mile driven.

Read through the following pages to see the best minivans lease and finance deals this February.