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Minivans don’t always get a lot of respect, but smart car shoppers know they combine the best attributes of sedans and SUVs into one practical package. Generally speaking, the lower ride height of the typical minivan means it can be more nimble and easier to maneuver than a larger, heavier SUV.

Comfort levels are also a strong suit for minivans from the likes of Honda, Toyota, Chrysler, and Dodge. Depending on how many options you add, occupants in all three rows of seating can be indulged with entertainment systems, panoramic sunroofs, climate controls, plenty of USB outlets and, as is the norm with minivans, a cup holder pretty much everywhere you look.

Minivans tend to have more cargo and seating space than SUVs of similar length, because they don’t have a big truck chassis taking up valuable real estate under the floor. That often means they weigh considerably less than an SUV of similar size, and they get better fuel economy.

Due to their family-focused design, they also generally score strong marks in crash testing.

But you probably already know how great minivans are, because you’re here! So, which minivan is the right one for you?

On the following slides, we use an automated feed to provide you with every manufacturer-sponsored deal we can find on every minivan on the market. Deals are updated each month and may not be available all the time, or in every part of the country. These deals are usually limited to people with excellent credit.

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