11 Best Luxury Cars for Tall People in 2019

2019  Mercedes-Benz S-Class
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These Luxury Vehicles Have the Most Head- and Legroom for Tall Drivers

You might be able to reach the top shelf in every grocery store, but being tall isn’t always an advantage. For example, when shopping for a new car or SUV, factoring in extra front headroom and legroom can be a literal pain, especially if you’ve spent the day bashing your head against door frames and your knees against dashboards.

Fear not you long-suffering, long-limbed car shoppers. We had you specifically in mind when compiling the best luxury cars for tall people. Yes, there are many things to consider when buying a car, including how the vehicle rides and handles, its available safety features, and long-term reliability down the road. But none of this matters much if you’re not comfortable behind the wheel.

The cars in this list range from large SUVs to spacious sedans, plus what’s possibly the world’s fastest wagon. We’ve ranked them based on headroom and legroom. On the following pages, you’ll get to know a group of vehicles certain to make life easier for the vertically unchallenged among us.

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