12 Best Luxury Car Deals Under $400 in April

2019 Lexus ES
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Save Money With These Luxury Car and SUV Lease Specials

Spring is a time to tidy up and start fresh. How about a brand-new luxury car or SUV to occupy your newly organized garage? If you haven’t cleaned out the garage, your new ride will look just as nice in your driveway. Either way, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of automakers’ fantastic lease incentives on a number of new and highly rated luxury cars and SUVs.

This April, you can lease a Kia Stinger for just $319 per month. If you’d prefer a small SUV, Volvo is leasing the all-new XC40 with a low monthly payment of $399. If you need an SUV with three rows, consider the Infiniti QX60 with its $399 monthly lease payment. Our Best Luxury Midsize Car for the Money – the Lexus ES – is available for $389 a month. There are plenty of other terrific lease deals available to suit a variety of luxury car and SUV shoppers.

Keep in mind that some lease incentives vary by region. Contact your local dealer to find out what deals are available in your area and how they compare.

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