12 Best Luxury Lease Deals Under $400 in October

Land Rover Discovery Sport
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With These Leases, a Luxury Vehicle Becomes Much More Affordable

There are numerous reasons to want a luxury car or SUV. They are comfortable, bristle with state-of-the-art technology, have interiors that are beautifully designed, and impart no small amount of prestige on their owners. While they are almost always more expensive than mass-market models, there is a way to trim the cost of a luxury vehicle.

On the following slides, we will look at leases for luxury vehicles with payments under $400 per month. The luxury leases in this slideshow start at just $275 a month.

As you look at these offers, keep in mind that there may be regional differences. In addition, your credit rating and dealer participation will have an effect on the deal you are offered.

Also remember that the scores on our site are updated constantly as new expert reviews and data become available. Therefore, the scores and rankings mentioned in this slideshow may not match the latest information in our reviews.

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