12 Best Car Lease Deals This November

Hyundai Tucson
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November’s Best New Car Leases

Snagging a great lease deal this November is like giving yourself an early holiday present and letting automakers help pay for it. With the cost of leasing expected to climb along with interest rates, now is an excellent time to lock in an affordable deal.

While many of the lease deals this month are for 2018 models (carmakers and dealers are offering incentives to make room on their lots), some are freshly arriving 2019 models. Some of the best lease deals available continue to be on compact and midsize sedans, with payments well below $200 per month and affordable down payments.

Just in time for inclement weather to arrive and holiday adventures to begin, there are several generous lease deals on SUVs. One of the best SUV lease deals is on the 2018 Hyundai Tucson (pictured above), with monthly payments of $199 for three years and just $1,899 due at signing. In the Northeast U.S., there’s a lease deal on the 2018 Nissan Rogue with payments of $159 per month for three years and $2,959 due at signing.

Many lease deals have limits based on where you live and the specific models the offers apply to. Strict mileage limits are typical, and most lease deals are only available to customers with excellent credit scores and stable work histories.

You’ll find some of November’s best lease deals on the following pages.

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