8 Best Hybrid Cars on the Market for 2016

Go Green With One of These Hybrids
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Go Green With One of These Hybrids

Are you considering purchasing a hybrid vehicle to save some money on fuel, or to better the planet? Hybrid and electric vehicles are becoming more common, and prices are slowly coming down as the technology is improving.

Hybrid technology can be applied to any vehicle. It takes kinetic energy that is normally wasted and transforms it into electricity, which can be used to power the car. It can provide substantial efficiency improvements over a vehicle powered by gasoline only.

Some automakers include state-of-the-art cabin and driver assistance technologies to further complement the innovative drivetrain. Regenerative braking is just one of the many features found in hybrid vehicles. The brakes work to recharge the battery pack, which can feel different at first, and there may be a punchy, grabbing feeling as the traditional friction brakes take over. Initially, it takes some getting used to.

Not only does hybrid technology aid in efficiency, but it also decreases the amount of carbon emissions that the vehicle expels into the atmosphere. You can think of it as helping yourself and the environment, which in turn helps you two-fold.

The following slideshow features the top hybrid cars in our rankings. Read on to join the ranks of the environmentally-friendly.

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