15 Best Hybrid Cars in 2018

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Save Gas With These Hybrid Cars and SUVs

Gas prices are creeping up again, leading car buyers to look at ways to save fuel. One way to do so is to buy or lease a hybrid vehicle.

Hybrids use a combination of a gasoline engine and electric motors for propulsion, with battery packs that store energy. The battery pack is charged by the gasoline engine plus energy reclaimed as the vehicle brakes or coasts.

Before you decide on a hybrid, you have to look carefully at your driving habits and the higher prices of gasoline/electric hybrids to figure out whether it makes good financial sense. Hybrids typically get much better mileage in the city than their gasoline-only counterparts, but only see slight gains on the highway.

We’ve selected the best hybrids on the market by looking at their combined city/highway fuel economy, price, and U.S. News Best Cars score. Note that we continually update our scores, so the numbers you see on the following pages may not match the ratings you see with each vehicle's review.

We don't have enough information to score some vehicles comprehensively, and some cars don't score high enough to make our threshold for recommendation. You'll see those models listed at the end of each section as honorable mentions.

The following pages start off with the top hybrid cars, followed by the best hybrid SUVs.

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