13 Best Hot Hatchbacks on the Market in 2019

2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI
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Where Performance and Pragmatism Meet

Hatchbacks are typically economy-minded cars. However, their nimble and low-slung platforms also lend themselves to some performance enhancements. Automakers like Volkswagen recognized this decades ago and helped grow this segment. Today, there are more than a dozen cars that round out the “hot-hatch” segment.

But the hot hatchback ranks are thinning. Ford is discontinuing some of its road cars, including the Focus. That means no more Focus ST or the raucous Ford Focus RS. Volkswagen is discontinuing some of its Golf variants in the US, but for now, the Golf GTI and Golf R survive. Much of this is thanks to the proliferation of the crossover. Perhaps this time next year, we’ll be writing about performance SUVs…oh, wait. But those vehicles will always be a bit more top-heavy than the svelte hot-hatches in the following slides.

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