7 Best Hardtop Convertibles of 2019

2019 Porsche 911 | Jeep Wrangler | Mazda Miata RF
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Get the Benefits of a Coupe in a Convertible

When we think of convertibles, we most often picture a soft top, either cloth or vinyl, folding back to open up the cabin to the sky. That’s the most common kind of convertible by far. But there are versions that have hardtops. When the top is up, the car looks pretty much like a normal coupe with a fixed top, but for a few telltale seams.

Opening that hardtop can be simple, like popping out a roof panel and stowing it away, or it can be a feat of engineering, with multiple panels moving, stacking, and being stowed at the push of a button. There are traditional hardtops, which open all the way, and nontraditional types, like the Porsche-pioneered targa styles and the open-air configurations of the Jeep Wrangler.

In this slideshow, we’ll round up both traditional and nontraditional hardtops. We’ll explain a little about how each one works, how it’s different from the others, and how expensive it is to add a hardtop option to some of the most popular models, like the Mazda Miata RF.

Read on to see the seven best hardtop convertibles.

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