The 9 Best Hardtop Convertibles for 2020

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Top-Down Thrills With Hardtop Style and Security

Hardtop convertibles are here to the rescue – or, at least here to tempt anyone in the mood for some extra driving fun. Let’s admit it, a convertible is an exhilarating way to make the most normal daily drive turn into a wind-in-your-hair adventure. Whether it’s a hot summer day’s drive or a wintry cruise with extra layers of clothing thrown on, a convertible offers a chance to escape from everyday routines while behind the wheel. 

But many car shoppers think a convertible is an inconvenient extravagance – a “second car” with excess cabin noise that’s only usable in perfect weather. Some even think convertibles present a more tempting target to would-be car thieves. This is why hardtop convertibles deliver a great mix of convertible thrills with the added comfort and security that comes with having a metal top over your head.

We’ve compiled every hardtop convertible on sale today, along with one hotly-anticipated model certain to make a big splash when it arrives next year.

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