The Best Full-Size Sedan in 2018

Toyota Avalon
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These Are the Best Large Cars in U.S. News Rankings

Full-size cars were once the mainstay of the auto industry. Today, however, they are facing significant competition from SUVs and pickup trucks, which have seen marked improvements in their ride, handling, and interior comfort in recent years.

Nonetheless, full-size cars are still preferred by a significant number of buyers. They appreciate the ride, the feeling of security in corners that comes from a lower center of gravity, and the separate trunk that keeps valuables secure and out of sight.

The following slides present a rundown of eight full-size sedans that are priced to appeal to a large cross-section of new-car buyers.

As you look at these vehicles and their U.S. News rankings, please remember that the scores on our site are updated constantly as new expert reviews and data become available. Therefore, the scores and rankings mentioned in this slideshow may not match the latest information in our reviews.

(This article covers full-size sedans from non-luxury brands. If you’re looking for our ranking of full-size luxury cars, click here.)

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