Best Electric Cars for 2021

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We Rank Every Electric Car You Can Buy Today

While fully electric vehicles are still few and far between, the number of compelling options is growing. A few still don’t offer enough range to be practical for some people, though many have well over 200 miles of range, and some have over 300. 

Electric vehicles (EVs) are more expensive than gas-powered cars, mostly due to expensive batteries and smaller production efforts. As the cost of batteries comes down and automakers begin making EVs in larger quantities, prices should drop to reach parity with traditional cars. 

In the meantime, most EVs are eligible for a federal electric vehicle tax credit of up to $7,500. You’ll have to wait until tax time to realize the savings, but it could make your EV as affordable as a similarly equipped gas car. This is especially true if you also factor in the money you’ll save on “fuel.” Be sure to check with a tax professional about how the credit works. It would also be wise to contact your local electricity provider to inquire about rates and programs.

We’ve pored over our rankings to find every electric car available new in 2020. They’re ranked, based on their U.S. News overall scores. We also provide details related to each EV’s price, range, pros, cons, features, and availability. The first few vehicles don’t have a U.S. News overall score due to incomplete safety data.

Keep in mind that our vehicle scores and rankings are updated regularly as new data and expert research become available, so the scores you see on the following slides may not match those in our individual reviews and rankings.

Keep reading to learn more about today’s best electric cars.

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