8 Best Diesel Trucks of 2017

Ram 2500 HD
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Raw Power Meets Refined Efficiency 

When it comes to hauling heavy loads and towing, diesel is still king. While the car market continues to reel from the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal, the diesel truck market remains strong. Diesel engines provide truck buyers with abilities that gasoline engines can't match.

While gasoline engines may produce more horsepower than diesels, truck buyers are looking for a high torque rating to crank out the brute force required for getting heavy loads moving, and diesels provide more torque than their gasoline counterparts. Diesel engines also tend to be more efficient than gasoline powertrains, with the ability to get more power out of each drop of fuel. Because diesels generally use heavier engine components, their longevity is typically greater than a gasoline engine, especially when pushed to the limits of their capabilities.

There are some downsides to diesels, with initial cost and higher maintenance requirements leading the list.

Check out the following slides to see some of the best diesel-powered trucks on the market today. We’ll start with a couple of compact pickups and work our way up to heavy-duty models.

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