6 Best Diesel SUVs of 2017

Mercedes-Benz GLS
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More Room for Your Family, Less Money at the Pump

Diesel has taken some hits to its reputation in recent years, due in part to the recent Volkswagen scandal. But manufacturers aren’t giving up on it. Diesel engines are often significantly more fuel-efficient than their gasoline counterparts, and with proper technology, the emissions can be kept in check.

In most cases, diesel engines are an option that adds to the price of an SUV. If fuel savings over the life of the vehicle are important to you, especially in a larger vehicle like an SUV, then the cost up front might be worth it.

Here are six SUVs that are available with diesel engines, from small and sporty crossovers to large, off-road-ready beasts. All but one are European brands, and they all fall on the luxury end of the scale. Many of these SUVs have also won or been finalists for awards in their segments. If a diesel is on your to-do list, these SUVs will check that box. 

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