13 Best Diesel Cars and SUVs of 2018

2018 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel
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Great Fuel Economy, Lots of Torque, and a Little Signature Rumble

Now could be the perfect time to consider a diesel-powered car or SUV. Despite the slew of negative publicity caused by the Volkswagen emissions scandal, the fact is diesel engines have a lot to offer in terms of power, longevity, and fuel economy.

Diesel is still a popular choice among truck buyers, where a typical diesel’s strong torque and low-end grunt make it ideal for heavy-duty work and towing. (If you’re looking for a list of the best diesel trucks, click here.)

The market for cars and SUVs is a different matter, since bad publicity and negative headlines could lead many car buyers to automatically dismiss diesel as outdated and dirty. Think of this as an opportunity, because you could find a great deal on a diesel-powered car or SUV that might have gone unnoticed or been ignored.

On the following pages, we’ve compiled a list of all the diesel-powered cars and SUVs available for the 2018 model year and included their U.S. News overall score, as well as their price and fuel economy.

(If you’re looking for just diesel SUVs, click here.)

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