Best Diesel Cars and SUVs on the Market

2019 Mazda CX-5
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A Dozen Diesels for 2019 and Beyond

Diesel engines have never been as popular in the United States as they have been globally. It’s challenging to create a diesel powerplant that is both very efficient and very clean. And of course we’re still feeling the fallout of manufacturers’ attempts to shortcut that challenge several years ago. Diesel engines also provide much more torque than typical gasoline engines.

But there are diesel-powered vehicles out there, and they’re not all heavy-duty pickups. There are a dozen cars and SUVs on this list that are available with turbo diesel engines. Some manufacturers, such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, have decided not to sell diesels at all in the U.S. Others, like Jaguar and Land Rover, are adding diesels to more vehicles. A few other brands, like Chevrolet, Jeep, and even Mazda, are testing the diesel waters.  

In most cases, a diesel engine will add a couple thousand dollars to the MSRP. It’s also often the case that the diesel is only available with a couple of trim levels. This slideshow highlights the most affordable diesel option for each model, including the trim level price and any fee for adding the diesel. We’ve also listed the EPA fuel economy estimates and U.S. News overall score for each vehicle. 

Remember that the scores listed in the following slides were correct at the time of writing. Our rankings are constantly changing, so be sure to check out each vehicle’s review to get the most up to date scores. 

Read on to see the best diesel cars and SUVs of 2019.

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