11 Best Car Deals on Discontinued Models

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There Are Great Incentives on Vehicles That Won’t Be Back for 2018

Not every idea that automakers bring to market is a resounding success. Some models bid their adieu to the American market each year, and some are replaced with all-new vehicles. This year’s list of departures is long, as shifts in car buyers’ tastes have spelled doom for many models.

Their lack of sales success, however, is your path to ample potential savings. With the 2018 model year quickly approaching, it’s your last chance to get your hands on these models, and automakers have rolled out great deals to move many of them off their lots for the final time.

Of course, not every model leaving the market is going at fire-sale prices. The 2017 Dodge Viper and 2017 BMW Z4 are still in high-enough demand to move without incentives. Some models, like the Nissan Quest, aren't available on dealer lots in large enough numbers to justify inclusion on this list. Others, like the Mitsubishi Lancer, score too low in our rankings to be considered a good deal.

On the following slides, we'll take a look at deals on cars that won’t be back next year.

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