Best Compact Pickup Trucks for the Money in 2017

Chevy Colorado
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A new truck is one of life’s larger expenses, and it’s not easy to decide how much you can afford to spend, and whether you are truly getting your money’s worth. Safe, reliable transportation is not really something that you can afford to skimp on.

You will likely own your truck for a few years, perhaps longer, so it is important to assure not only that it will last, but also that you are happy with its design and features. Fortunately, there are many vehicles in today’s market that provide excellent value, all while offering noteworthy quality.

To assist you with the task at hand, U.S. News & World Report created the Best Cars for the Money awards. We create a composite score by combining each vehicle’s overall quality with initial and long term costs associated with ownership. Just because a car is inexpensive, doesn’t mean that is lacks in the categories that are most important.

We determine a vehicle’s quality using the data that drives our rankings. The data comes from a wealth of sources to assure impartiality. Each vehicle earns scores in performance, interior, safety, reliability, and an overall critics’ recommendation.

The following slideshow ranks the Best Compact Trucks for the Money award winner and runners up. These trucks pack exceptional value by offering top quality and pairing it with the lowest costs to own. 

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