8 Best Commuter Cars of 2017

GMC Acadia
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Best Cars For Getting to Work

Drive to work every day and your car can feel like a second home for the hours spent behind the wheel. The average commuter probably doesn’t need to see U.S. Census Bureau data to know the nationwide average commute each day is getting longer. While workers use different modes of transportation, the car remains king in the United States. 86 percent of Americans who work outside the home travel to work via automobile, per the U.S. Census.

If you are shopping for a new commuter car today, fuel economy, comfort, and technology conveniences are likely on the list. New cars have more driver assistance safety features than ever before, including forward-collision warning and lane departure warning with steering assist. Reliability is another key factor. Unpredictable road conditions can put serious wear and tear on a vehicle.

Carpooling has been declining since the 1980s, but it can be a boon to fuel savings and to time savings in states with high-occupancy vehicle lanes. Look for a car with comfortable back-seat space for passengers. If you’ve never considered an electric car, think again. Federal tax credits from the purchase of an electric or plug-in hybrid can mean a hefty rebate. Many states offer additional tax credits and single-rider HOV lane permission for electric cars as well.

The new car rankings from U.S. News & World Report is the best place to start to find your next commuter car. Start by exploring this mix of new cars and SUVs, which can make commuting more of a joy than a chore. 

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