25 Best Commuter Cars

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These Vehicles Offer the Best Combination of Fuel Economy, Comfort, and Price

As commutes get longer, getting into an excellent commuter car can transform how you get to and from work every day. Instead of just being an A-to-B transportation appliance, a good commuter car can become a comfy living space. With modern cars offering more luxury features, more high-tech gadgets, and quieter cabins, they’ve become awfully close to becoming mobile rooms on the go.

When it comes to getting into a good commuter car, there are some obvious things to look out for. A spacious cabin is always good to have, while comfortable seats and the latest tech features can drastically improve your commute. But things like excellent fuel economy and an affordable price tag are also important to consider. 

The following 25 cars and SUVs are priced below $35,000 and get at least 27 mpg combined. The majority of vehicles are priced well below the $25,000 mark – the average is $23,500. The average fuel economy for all 25 vehicles is 35 mpg combined. All of the cars have U.S. News interior scores that consider things like features, comfort, and passenger and cargo space.

To make things more interesting – and scientific – we’ve distilled those attributes into hard numbers to create a commuter car score, then ranked these 25 vehicles based on that score.

(It’s important to keep in mind that the scores U.S. News gives vehicles change regularly as we continually update our automobile reviews with new expert opinions and data. Therefore, the scores that are mentioned and quoted in this slideshow may not coincide with the latest scores in our rankings.)

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