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2013 Chevy Volt Charging
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These Are the Top 9 Best Used Electric Cars Right Now

One sign that the electric vehicle market is maturing is the number of models available as used cars. Five or ten years ago, buyers interested in all-electric transportation had only a handful of models to choose from. But now, with more new models appearing every year, there are several good deals on used EVs to be found.

One downside of buying a used EV is that these vehicles are not eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit that new EVs have. The savings are in the vehicle’s depreciation, as with any used car.

Used EV inventories will vary widely across the country. Some vehicles were sold nationwide, and some were sold only in a few states. The areas that have the most new EVs will have the most used EVs as well, and more inventory can mean better deals.

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