Best Cars to Buy for the 4th of July

2017 Nissan Murano
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Low Demand for These Vehicles Could Mean Big Discounts This Independence Day

Before you head to your Fourth of July barbecue this weekend, consider swinging by the local car dealership. Independence Day weekend is a great time to bring home a new set of wheels at a great price, so shopping now could be a win for your budget. To ramp up demand on slow-selling models, several manufacturers are offering low prices and high incentives over this long holiday weekend. Luckily for you, we’ve done the digging and come up with a list of the best cars to target for savings.

Using industry sales data from Kelley Blue Book and Automotive News, we’ve picked out the following vehicles available with great deals. The cars, trucks, and SUVs in this slideshow haven’t been selling well recently, and slow demand means you’ll have a good chance of securing a price below sticker at the dealership.

Just because they’re in a sales slump doesn’t mean they fall short in terms of quality, however. In fact, several are highly ranked, and a few have even earned awards from us this year. If you’re looking for strong value in a new car this holiday weekend, this slideshow is a great place to start your search.