16 Best 2018 Cars for Older Drivers

2018 Volkswagen Atlas
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Here Are the Best Cars for Seniors

Older drivers have much more to consider when it comes to car buying than just horsepower and price. The best vehicles for Baby Boomers and their parent are ones that offer above-average visibility, a high number of safety features, easy-to-use infotainment and climate control systems, and comfortable ingress and egress (which is easier in higher-riding crossover SUVs).

There’s more than just Buicks on this list. The makes and models elderly drivers should consider vary from your typical sedan, like the Hyundai Sonata, to hatchbacks, like the quirky Kia Soul, to SUVs, like the Volkswagen Atlas, which is new to the market. Those vehicles have made this list alongside a wagon, a minivan, and numerous hybrid vehicles capable of running on just electric power.

Vehicles that have been freshly redesigned are most likely to come with the latest safety technologies, either standard or as optional equipment available in packages. Technologies such as blind spot warning and lane departure warning come on most cars and can help you stay safe while traveling by keeping a close watch on the road and vehicles around you, even when you can’t see them.

Some automakers are also adding rear seat occupancy alerts to cars to help remind drivers when they have left something, like grandkids or groceries, in the back seat.

The vehicles you see in this slideshow may have scores that don’t match their listed U.S. News overall score. Our rankings evolve over time as more information becomes available about each model. Be sure to click through to each vehicle’s review to get the full story on the model.

Read on to find out which cars are best for older drivers.

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