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Buying Cars Online: What You Should Know

Buying a car should be fun, but unless you love an adversarial bargaining process, the traditional way of car buying... Read More »

How to Sell Your Car to a Dealership

Selling your car to a dealership can be an intimidating experience. Compared to car dealerships, who buy and sell cars... Read More »

How Do They Come Up With Used Car Prices?

Pricing is one of the great mysteries of the used car world. How are they set? What’s the difference in the terms you... Read More »

6 Hidden Lease Fees That Could Surprise You

The number of leased vehicles on the road has doubled over the last five years. Assuming the trend continues, consumers... Read More »

Subprime Auto Loans: Why You Should Avoid Them

It has been said that the first step in getting yourself out of a hole is to stop digging it deeper. But there’s a... Read More »

Is a Longer-Term Car Loan a Good Deal?

You’ve dreamed of buying that perfect SUV, and the dealer shows you a way to make your monthly payment affordable just... Read More »

Low-Interest Financing vs. Cash Back

Whether you’re watching television or listening to the radio (or even surfing the internet), you’re bound to see an ad... Read More »

Car Financing: Learning the Language of Loans

You’ve done your research and found the perfect ride. You’ll want to line up financing options before you set foot in a... Read More »

How Much is My Volkswagen Worth?

Volkswagen diesel owners now may have a sense of what their cars are worth in the wake of the diesel Volkswagen... Read More »

How Much is My Car Worth?

Before you sell or trade in your car, it's vital to know its current value. The good news is that a number of reputable... Read More »

8 Great Lease Deals This February

Lease deals are a great option for many people who are interested in getting a new car, truck or SUV. Lease offers tend... Read More »

7 Dumb Car Buying Mistakes Everyone Makes

A 2014 survey by AutoTrader unveiled a statistic that's unfortunate but not altogether surprising: Nearly 70 percent... Read More »

What Does 'No-Haggle Price' Mean?

For car shoppers, the most painful part of the process is negotiating a price. Many buyers have previously suffered... Read More »

How Much Should You Spend on a Car?

There’s no getting around it – cars are expensive. They’re starting to cost more and more, too. Kelley Blue Book... Read More »

Get Upfront Pricing and Guaranteed Savings on a New Car

When you go to buy milk, you know how much you’re going to pay – the price is displayed right there on the grocery... Read More »

Best and Worst Cities for Buying a Used Car

If you live in the Sacramento area and are looking for a used car, you have our sympathies. The Sacramento area is the... Read More »

2014 Honda CR-V and 2014 Ford Escape: Which Should You Buy?

Small SUVs and crossovers are some of the most popular vehicles on the market. So far in 2014, Americans have bought... Read More »

Should You Buy a Used Rental Car?

For rental cars, it turns out, there’s an afterlife. Each year, rental agencies sell portions of their fleet to... Read More »

Is Easier Credit on New Cars Good for You?

The great recession and the tightening of lending standards that followed put a new car out of reach for many... Read More »

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