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Sean Tucker

Top 10 States for Speeding Tickets

If you're feeling the need for speed, we've got a list of states you might want to avoid. Read More »

Jamie Page Deaton and Sean Tucker Apr. 9, 2010

Toyota Recalls: Who Wins, Who Loses?

Every time it seems that the smoke has begun to clear, another fire flares up for Toyota. Read More »

Sean Tucker Mar. 25, 2010

The Worst Small SUV Money Pits

To hear the media tell it, everyone wanted a hulking, gas-guzzling Cadillac Escalade before the recession hit. Now... Read More »

Sean Tucker Feb. 25, 2010

Car Sales Winners and Losers of 2009

By every available measure, 2009 was a bloodbath for the auto industry. Read More »

Sean Tucker Jan. 25, 2010

The Strangest Concept Cars of 2009

Honda built a peanut on wheels. Nissan built a two-seat jet-like car that leans into turns. BMW built a... Read More »

Sean Tucker Dec. 21, 2009

The Best Days to Buy a Car This Month

Your wallet may already be reeling from holiday spending, but it’s worth your while to consider adding a purchase with... Read More »

Sean Tucker Dec. 7, 2009

5 Holiday Car Deals to Avoid

Seeing the commercials this month, you’d think everyone was about to head out to buy a turkey, some cranberry sauce and... Read More »

Sean Tucker Nov. 24, 2009

Don't Wait to Buy a New Car

If you've been thinking about buying a new car, you may not want to wait much longer. Since the begining of 2010, with... Read More »

Jamie Page Deaton and Sean Tucker Oct. 28, 2009

Colorado Alternative Fuel Tax Credit -- Vehicles that Qualify

The state of Colorado wants you to drive a greener car. Read More »

Sean Tucker Oct. 23, 2009

5 Cheap Cars You Might Overlook

Everyone knows the usual suspects. Read More »

Sean Tucker Oct. 1, 2009

Questions Surround Chevy Volt Fuel Economy Claim

General Motors jolted the automotive world yesterday by announcing that its upcoming electric-drive Chevy Volt will... Read More »

Sean Tucker Aug. 12, 2009

Just in Time for Father's Day: Camry Killers for Dad

Fatherhood - it's just not that much fun if you're driving a generic midsize sedan with a soft ride and looks to match... Read More »

Sean Tucker Jun. 15, 2009

Cash for Clunkers and You

The House of Representatives has passed a bill that would provide car shoppers with a cash voucher for trading in an... Read More »

Sean Tucker and Jamie Page Deaton -- updated 06/11/09 Jun. 10, 2009

Car Deals with a Catch

If you haven't seen them by now, you will.  Breathless media reports of absurd car deals will surely fill the airwaves... Read More »

Sean Tucker Jun. 2, 2009

GM isn't Alone -- Porsche is Fighting Bankruptcy

Executives from the troubled automaker were locked in eleventh-hour negotiations, trying to stave off bankruptcy.... Read More »

Sean Tucker Jun. 1, 2009