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Top 10 States for Speeding Tickets

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Toyota Recalls: Who Wins, Who Loses?

Every time it seems that the smoke has begun to clear, another fire flares up for Toyota. Read More »

The Worst Small SUV Money Pits

To hear the media tell it, everyone wanted a hulking, gas-guzzling Cadillac Escalade before the recession hit. Now... Read More »

Car Sales Winners and Losers of 2009

By every available measure, 2009 was a bloodbath for the auto industry. Read More »

The Strangest Concept Cars of 2009

Honda built a peanut on wheels. Nissan built a two-seat jet-like car that leans into turns. BMW built a... Read More »

The Best Days to Buy a Car This Month

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5 Holiday Car Deals to Avoid

Seeing the commercials this month, you’d think everyone was about to head out to buy a turkey, some cranberry sauce and... Read More »

Don't Wait to Buy a New Car

If you've been thinking about buying a new car, you may not want to wait much longer. Since the begining of 2010, with... Read More »

Colorado Alternative Fuel Tax Credit -- Vehicles that Qualify

The state of Colorado wants you to drive a greener car. Read More »

5 Cheap Cars You Might Overlook

Everyone knows the usual suspects. Read More »

Questions Surround Chevy Volt Fuel Economy Claim

General Motors jolted the automotive world yesterday by announcing that its upcoming electric-drive Chevy Volt will... Read More »

Just in Time for Father's Day: Camry Killers for Dad

Fatherhood - it's just not that much fun if you're driving a generic midsize sedan with a soft ride and looks to match... Read More »

Cash for Clunkers and You

The House of Representatives has passed a bill that would provide car shoppers with a cash voucher for trading in an... Read More »

Car Deals with a Catch

If you haven't seen them by now, you will.  Breathless media reports of absurd car deals will surely fill the... Read More »

GM isn't Alone -- Porsche is Fighting Bankruptcy

Executives from the troubled automaker were locked in eleventh-hour negotiations, trying to stave off bankruptcy.... Read More »

Where the Worst Drivers Live

The worst drivers in America live in New York. Of course, you knew that. You've been in the Holland Tunnel. But now, we... Read More »

New Fuel Economy Rules Will Change Car Prices, Designs

On Tuesday, President Obama announced tough new standards designed to force automakers to increase the fuel economy of... Read More »

Reliable Cars for Unpredictable Times

Nothing teaches us the value of a reliable car like a recession. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics... Read More »

7 Great Family Cars

Work. Daycare. School. Soccer practice. Band lessons. Grocery trips. Today's families keep a heavy, intense schedule... Read More »

Could the Electric Car Get Killed Again?

By now, the charge is familiar: General Motors killed the electric car when it sent every last example of its EV1... Read More »

Can Hyundai Make Your Car Purchase Carefree?

Unemployment is now higher in the United States than at any point in the last 16 years, and it's projected to get... Read More »

5 Tips for Financing a Car in 2009

It doesn't matter how many cars you've bought in your lifetime, buying a car in 2009 will be a new experience.  The... Read More »

6 Cars on Death Row

Sometimes we pretend that we buy a particular car for practical reasons.  We say that we think of a car as an appliance... Read More »

8 Electric Cars You Could Drive in the Future

You drive home from work, bypassing the gas stations with their ever-increasing price boards. You pull into the garage... Read More »

Top 7 Cars You Can't Buy in the U.S.

The price of gas in the United States crested $4 a gallon this summer, shaking the economy. In many parts of the world... Read More »

The Best Car for Your School

Forget plush mascots or vanity license plates. What really shows pride in your alma mater is your ride -- or the wheels... Read More »

Cars That Make You Look Smart

"Play artist the White Stripes," you command. Your car responds, pulsing out Blue Orchid through a full set of six... Read More »

8 Safe Cars Your Kid Will Want to Drive

Helping your child buy their first new car can be a terrifying experience for any parent. Budget transportation doesn't... Read More »

Should You Lease a Car or Buy New?

Shhhh. Don't tell anyone where you heard this. Read More »

Camry Killers for Dad

Fatherhood -- in so many ways it's the most exciting ride you'll ever take.  But having kids condemns you to a life of... Read More »

10 Easy Ways to Save Over a Grand on Gas

According to the mileage book in my glovebox, I averaged about 21 miles per gallon in May.  So far in June, I'm at 26.  Read More »

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