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The Fastest Sedans in 2020

If you can look past the crossovers and SUVs that dominate streets and dealer showrooms, you’ll still see plenty of... Read More »

10 Best Alternatives to the 2021 Mini Cooper

Most of the Mini Cooper ’s appeal is in its uniqueness. It stands out from the crowd with its distinctive profile and... Read More »

12 Best Black Friday Luxury Car and SUV Deals in 2020

Luxury cars and SUVs aren’t cheap. However, they’re often available with solid leasing promotions that can sometimes be... Read More »

The 12 Best Black Friday SUV Purchase Deals for 2020

Black Friday is a great time for money-saving sales at popular retailers, but savvy shoppers know it’s also a good time... Read More »

Best Sports Car Finance and Lease Deals in November 2020

Depending on where you live, a new sports car might not be the most logical purchase right now, but a good deal can be... Read More »

The 30 Most Underappreciated Cars of 2020

In every segment of the car industry, there are both sales leaders and models that don’t seem to break out with the... Read More »

The Best Black Friday SUV Lease Deals in 2020

Black Friday brings sales on almost everything, from TVs and video games to office supplies and books. SUVs are no... Read More »

Should I Get an Auto Loan From a Credit Union?

As you look for a car loan, the odds are good you’ve seen credit unions interested in your business. Your town probably... Read More »

How to Refinance Your Car Loan

Refinancing a home mortgage is common, but is auto loan refinancing worth it? If you do it right, you can save more... Read More »

Average Used Car Loan Interest Rates in November 2020

It’s easy to forget that the price tag is only one part of the total cost of buying a used vehicle. Another significant... Read More »

Best Truck Purchase Deals in November 2020

Whether you’re gearing up for seasonal work, inclement weather or winter recreation, November brings a bounty of deals... Read More »

Best Black Friday Truck Deals for 2020

Black Friday is often associated with viral videos of mad dashes to claim deals on flat screens at big box stores. This... Read More »

The Best Black Friday Lease Deals for 2020

As the holidays are almost upon us and the year nears its end, automakers and dealerships are going to great lengths to... Read More »

SUV Lease Deals Under $200 in November 2020

Manufacturers building new SUVs as the calendar year draws to a close face a challenge: How can they thin their 2020... Read More »

The 12 Best Luxury SUV Leases in November 2020

Sometimes it’s tough to afford a luxury SUV, but lease incentives for these opulent vehicles can help ease the sting on... Read More »

Best Luxury Car and SUV Lease Deals Under $400 in November 2020

Shopping for lease deals on luxury cars and SUVs is easier and more affordable than you may have thought possible. For... Read More »

Best SUV Lease Deals Under $300 in November 2020

SUVs continue to be one of the most popular body styles in the U.S., offering consumers with inclement weather... Read More »

Best 0 APR Vehicle Purchase Deals in November 2020

In anticipation of Black Friday, automakers are holding nothing back when it comes to incentives this November. The... Read More »

12 Best Lease Deals Under $300 in November 2020

It’s November, and that means the shopping season has begun – whether you need a holiday gift for your special someone... Read More »

The 12 Best Truck Lease Deals for November 2020

Pickup trucks have become the daily transportation of choice for a wide variety of drivers, from families, to weekend... Read More »

Cheapest SUV Leases in November

As we finish 2020 and look forward to 2021, it might be time to find a new SUV versatile enough to handle whatever the... Read More »

The Best Black Friday Car Deals in 2020

Black Friday will likely look a little different this year, but it’s still a prime time to shop for a car. As usual... Read More »

12 Best Car Deals in November 2020

If you want a money-saving deal on a new car, this November is a great time to find one. Not only are carmakers making... Read More »

How Close Are We to a Self-Driving Car?

Some of us dream of climbing into the comfy back seat of a driverless car in the morning so we can check our email or... Read More »

2021 Toyota Prius vs. 2021 Toyota Prius Prime: Head to Head

The Toyota Prius and Prius Prime are solid options for commuters thanks to their super fuel economy, history of... Read More »

Guide to Green Cars in 2020

There are many more efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives to gasoline power. Some are already being used... Read More »

10 Best Cars for Winter Driving in 2020

Believe it or not, we’re finally approaching the trailing edge of 2020 and winter driving will soon beckon across the... Read More »

BMW vs. Mercedes-Benz: Head to Head in 2020

BMW and Mercedes-Benz are two of the top European sports and luxury auto manufacturers. They have a wide range of... Read More »

The 10 Best Rental Cars in 2020

Choosing a rental car involves as much strategy as it does luck. When you reserve a rental car, you reserve the class... Read More »

2020 Ford Escape vs. 2020 Ford Edge: Worth the Upgrade?

Among Ford’s competent SUV lineup, the 2020 Ford Escape and 2020 Edge are two affordable, high-scoring popular... Read More »

The Safest Used Cars Under $10,000

With new technology and more innovative designs, modern cars are becoming safer and safer. Usually, new cars tend to be... Read More »

2021 Subaru Forester vs 2021 Subaru Crosstrek: Head to Head

Subaru supporters in the market for an SUV this year are likely considering both the 2021 Subaru Forester and the... Read More »

15 Best Supercharged Cars in 2020

Superchargers are a great way to inject a higher degree of performance into a car, truck, or SUV. By compressing air... Read More »

2022 GMC Hummer EV: What You Need to Know

After months of teasers and even more speculation, the 2022 GMC Hummer EV has debuted. It brings with it the promise of... Read More »

Lexus vs. BMW: Battle of the Brands in 2020

Wondering whether the luxury German automaker BMW is worth the cost, when compared to Japan’s luxury Lexus brand... Read More »

2021 Honda Pilot vs. 2020 GMC Acadia: Head to Head

The last few decades have seen an evolution in family vehicles, from station wagons to minivans, minivans to SUVs, and... Read More »

10 Best 4x4 SUVs You Can Buy Now

While the majority of SUVs and even some cars are offered with all-wheel drive, if you’re the kind of driver that... Read More »

Yamaha ATVs and UTVs: A Buying Guide

In the off-roading world of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility task vehicles (UTVs), Yamaha is one of the... Read More »

Can-Am ATVs and UTVs: A Buying Guide

Can-Am has been making all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) for longer than you might realize. In the late 1990s, it was known... Read More »

Polaris ATVs and UTVs: A Buying Guide

Founded in 1954, Polaris got its start making snowmobiles in Rosseau, Minnesota. To prove their new machines were more... Read More »

Honda ATVs and UTVs: A Buying Guide

Honda introduced itself to the North American market in 1959, when they began selling small-displacement motorcycles... Read More »

UTV Segment Buying Guide

If you’re new to power sports and in the market for a small recreational vehicle, you’ve probably come across the term... Read More »

ATV Segment Buying Guide

In the power sports segment, it’s easy to see why there is sometimes confusion between different types of vehicles... Read More »

Ford vs. Chevy Trucks: Who Makes a Better Pickup in 2020?

Ford and Chevrolet have been building durable trucks for decades. The Ford F-150 , our top-ranked full-size pickup... Read More »

The Best Used Audi Cars and SUVs for 2020

As one of the top luxury brands on the market today, Audi sells an extensive lineup of sporty sedans and SUVs that... Read More »

2021 Mazda CX-5 vs. 2021 Mazda CX-9: Head to Head

Mazda's vehicles are known for being fun to drive and for sporting sharp designs. The CX-5 compact and CX-9 midsize... Read More »

2021 Mazda CX-9 vs. 2021 Honda Pilot: Head to Head

Three-row midsize SUVs are the rides of choice among many families these days, thanks in part to their versatile... Read More »

2022 Volkswagen Taos: What You Need to Know

Arriving in 2021 as a 2022 model, the Volkswagen crossover lineup's newest member will compete in the burgeoning small... Read More »

23 Cars That Won’t Be Returning for 2021

As the auto industry continues its seismic shift from cars to crossovers, some models will inevitably be left by the... Read More »

2020 Chevrolet Silverado vs. 2020 GMC Sierra 1500: Head to Head

When it comes to full size pickup trucks and sibling rivalry, you can’t find a more perfect match than the 2020... Read More »

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