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2017 Volkswagen Alltrack

Best Lease Deals Under $300 This June

The Best Lease Offers Under $300 per Month for June 2017 Every month, we look for the best lease deals being offered by auto manufacturers. ... read more »
CPO and Used Car Discounts

Used Car Deals

Best Used Car Financing Deals Certified pre-owned (CPO) cars, trucks, and SUVs give you more protection than typical used vehicles. While CPO cars generally cost ... read more »
2017 Kia Sportage

10 Best SUV Lease Deals for June

Lease a Versatile SUV for Less This June Summer road trips await, and few vehicles are as capable and confident at hauling around you and ... read more »
Genesis G80

Best Luxury Lease Deals Under $400 This June

Here Are the Best Luxury Car Leases Under $400 per Month Cruise into summer with a luxury car lease offer that will leave cool cash ... read more »
2018 Volkswagen Atlas

8 Best SUV Deals in June

The Best SUV Financing and Cash Back Deals According to conventional wisdom, shopping for a new vehicle in the summer is a fool’s errand. Everybody ... read more »
Chevrolet Silverado

8 Best Lease Deals on Trucks This June

These Are the Best Lease Offers on Pickup Trucks This June The warmer weather is now upon us, and it’s time to ramp up the ... read more »
Jeep Renegade

Best Lease Deals Under $200 This June

Lease a Vehicle for $200 or Less in June If your budget only allows for payments of $200 or less per month and you have ... read more »
2017 Volkswagen Jetta

10 Best Car Lease Deals This June

Score a Great Lease Deal This June After years of growth, the auto sales boom is starting to show signs of tapering off, and that’s ... read more »
Honda Logo

Best Honda Cars

Here Are the Best Honda Sedans and Hatchbacks in U.S. News Rankings It surely isn’t a difficult task to find Honda’s best cars. The company only makes ... read more »
Chevrolet Corvette

10 Best Car Deals This June

Save Money With This June’s New Car Purchasing Deals The beginning of summer might not feel like the end of the year to you, but ... read more »
Mercedes-Benz S-Class

13 Fastest Sedans

High-Performance and Family-Friendly Features You don’t have to buy a sports car or a coupe to satisfy your need for speed. There is a multitude ... read more »
Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Which Minivans Get the Best Gas Mileage?

Here Are the Minivans With the Best Fuel Economy It’s no secret that minivans aren’t as fuel-efficient as cars and some SUVs, but there are ... read more »
2017 BMW M2

2017 BMW M2: What You Need to Know

The Ultimate "Ultimate Driving Machine" In the past decade, BMW has expanded into many new territories. From compact crossovers, to “Sport Activity Coupes,” to the ... read more »
2018 Audi A4

2018 Audi S4: What You Need to Know

The Go-Fast Version of Audi's Excellent A4 Sedan When it comes to performance luxury sedans, the goal is to blend straight-line power and articulate handling, ... read more »
2017 Buick Enclave

The Best Cars and SUVs No One's Buying

Take Advantage of Slow Demand on These Great Vehicles Just because a vehicle drives well, has a spacious and attractive interior, and receives critical acclaim ... read more »
2017 Lexus RC F

2017 Lexus RC F: What You Need to Know

The High-Performance Version of the Lexus RC Coupe Is Ready for the Racetrack The 2017 Lexus RC, a four-passenger compact luxury coupe, is a safe ... read more »
Volvo S60

9 Best Cars for Towing

You Don't Need a Truck to Get Decent Towing Capacity When you think big towing capacity, you might think trucks and large SUVs. However, a ... read more »
2017 Acura RDX

13 Best New Luxury SUVs Under $40,000

Which New Luxury SUV Is Right for You? If you’re shopping for a new luxury SUV this year, you don’t need an astronomical budget. Sure, ... read more »
Volvo CPO Buying Guide

Volvo CPO Buying Guide

Volvo vehicles are eligible for pre-owned certification if they are five years old or newer, and have less than 80,000 miles on the odometer ... read more »
2017 Jeep Renegade

12 Most Affordable SUVs of 2017

What’s the Most Affordable SUV on the Market? The market for SUVs is growing at a rapid clip, with several new models being introduced just ... read more »
Audi A7

10 Fast Family Cars

These Family Sedans Make Road Trips and Commuting Fun A family car that’s fast is sometimes known by another name: sleeper. It’s the sort of ... read more »
Ram 1500, Chevy Silverado 1500

2017 Ram 1500 vs. 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Silverado 1500 vs. Ram 1500: Which Full-Size Pickup Truck Should You Buy? The Silverado and the Ram 1500 are two of the top-selling full-size trucks ... read more »
Ford Fiesta ST

2017 Ford Fiesta ST: What You Need to Know

Photos and Details of the High-Performance Fiesta ST The 2017 Ford Fiesta ST is the top-of-the-line Fiesta trim. It is a performance-oriented “hot-hatch” variant, like ... read more »
Volkswagen GTI

9 Cool New Cars Under $25,000

Maximum Cool, Minimum Cash One of the biggest misnomers in the automotive world is that you need a big budget to own a cool car. ... read more »
What Is a Car's MSRP?

What Is a Car's MSRP?

It’s the most frequently cited number when you’re buying a new car, but it’s also one of the most misunderstood. It goes by many names ... read more »
Chevy Colorado, Honda Ridgeline

2017 Chevrolet Colorado vs. 2017 Honda Ridgeline

Colorado vs. Ridgeline: Which Compact Pickup Should You Choose? While the Honda Ridgeline and the Chevrolet Colorado are both exceptional compact pickup trucks and share ... read more »
2017 Fiat Spider 124 Abarth

2017 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth: Everything You Need to Know

The Zesty Version of Fiat's Small Roadster The top-trim of the Fiat 124 Spider bears the name of legendary automaker Carlos (Karl) Abarth. Abarth rose ... read more »
Chevy Suburban

8 Most Comfortable SUVs

SUVs With the Nicest Interiors and Features SUVs are built for long drives, a flock of passengers, and more cargo than you could fit in ... read more »
2017 Audi A4

10 Best Luxury Sedans for Under $40,000

Here Are the Sub-$40K Luxury Sedans That Perform Best in U.S. News Rankings Money may not buy happiness, but $40,000 can get a lot to ... read more »
Mercedes-Benz G-Class

12 Best 4x4 SUVs

The Best 4WD SUVs for Wandering the Trails There’s no denying that the average SUV has gotten soft. In order to reduce fuel consumption and ... read more »
Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier

2017 Toyota Tacoma vs. 2017 Nissan Frontier

Frontier vs. Tacoma: Which Compact Japanese Pickup Is Right for You? In the battle of the pickups, performance is king. That’s why we put the Nissan ... read more »
2017 Ford F-150

Ford vs. Chevy Trucks: Head to Head

We Compare the 2017 Truck Lineups of These Two Iconic American Brands The Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado are routinely the top two best-selling vehicles ... read more »
Toyota Highlander, Toyota 4Runner

2017 Toyota 4Runner vs. 2017 Toyota Highlander

Highlander vs. 4Runner: We Compare Toyota’s Midsize SUV Siblings Though both are technically midsize 3-row SUVs, the Toyota Highlander and Toyota 4Runner could not be more ... read more »
2017 Mercedes Benz GLS

Best V8 SUVs

Here Are the Top SUVs With V8 Engines in U.S. News Rankings The SUVs on this list all have V8 engines, though they use them ... read more »
Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

12 Best V6 Cars

Here Are the Best Six-Cylinder Cars on the Market Many consumers – and regulators – are concerned with fuel efficiency in a new car. This ... read more »
2017 Volvo XC60

11 Safest Car Brands

Explore the Brands With the Best Safety Scores in U.S. News Rankings Safety is among the top characteristics people are interested in when it comes ... read more »
2017 Land Rover Range Rover vs. 2017 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

2017 Range Rover vs. 2017 Range Rover Sport: Head to Head

What Sets These Two Land Rover SUVs Apart? Despite the similar name, the Land Rover Range Rover and Land Rover Range Rover Sport offer noticeably ... read more »
Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Fastest 4-Cylinder Cars

Small Engines, Big Speed These days, you don’t need a big engine to go fast. There are a number of four-cylinder cars that have been ... read more »
2018 Volkswagen Atlas

Best 7-Passenger Vehicles

Which 7-Passenger SUV Is Best for Your Big Family? The American Dream doesn’t always include a house with a white picket fence, two children, and ... read more »
2017 Nissan Murano

10 Best Cars to Buy This Memorial Day

Low Demand for These Vehicles Could Mean Big Discounts This Holiday Weekend Frequent drives to the beach, lake, or park over the summer can rack ... read more »
Mazda MX-5 Miata

10 Best Memorial Day Lease Deals

Here Are the Best Car Leases This Memorial Day Weekend Summer's coming quickly, and it's a great time to find a reliable new car for ... read more »
2017 Kia Optima vs. 2017 Hyundai Sonata

2017 Kia Optima vs. 2017 Hyundai Sonata: Head to Head

Optima vs. Sonata: Which Midsize Sedan Should You Buy? The Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima are midsize sedans with a lot of shared DNA. Hyundai ... read more »
2018 BMW M4

2018 BMW M4: Everything You Need to Know

A Modest Facelift for 2018 The BMW M4 is the high-performance variant of the 4 Series. The 4 Series consists of a coupe, a convertible ... read more »
GMC Canyon

11 Most Fuel Efficient Trucks

Which Pickup Trucks Have the Best Fuel Economy? It should come as no surprise that to buy a truly fuel-efficient pickup truck, some sacrifices must ... read more »
What Is the Dealer Invoice Price?

What Is the Dealer Invoice Price?

When you’re trying to find the rock-bottom price on a new car, the dealer invoice price is an enticing bogey. In theory, invoice price is ... read more »
2017 Chevy Tahoe vs 2017 Ford Expedition

2017 Chevrolet Tahoe vs. 2017 Ford Expedition: Head to Head

Tahoe vs. Expedition: Which Large SUV Should You Buy? The Chevrolet Tahoe and Ford Expedition have more in common than not. These cross-town rivals are ... read more »
2017 Audi Q5 vs. 2017 BMW X3

2017 Audi Q5 vs. 2017 BMW X3: Head to Head

Q5 vs. X3: Which Luxury Compact SUV Is Best for You? Shopping for a luxury compact SUV is a fine place to be. The luxury ... read more »
2017 Honda HR-V

Best Memorial Day SUV Deals

Get a Great Deal on an SUV for Summer Memorial Day marks the official kick-off to the summer. For most, the iconic summer car is ... read more »
Hyundai Sonata

Best Memorial Day Car Deals

Save on a New Car This Memorial Day Weekend America’s observance of Memorial Day also marks the unofficial start of the summer season, and with ... read more »
Mazda CX-5

Cheapest SUV Lease Deals This Memorial Day

Save Big on SUV Leases This Memorial Day Weekend Every year around Memorial Day, potential car buyers rush to local dealerships in order to find ... read more »
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